Owner and operator, Melissa Maas grew up with a love of flowers. Even when she was little, she begged her dad to build her a greenhouse in the back yard. She had dreams of filling it with flowers. When she was old enough, she worked in flower shops throughout high school and college. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Melissa attended the Floral Design Institute in Seattle, WA where she received her Advanced Floral Certificate.

In the spring of 2004, the opportunity arose for her to purchase a flower shop in her hometown and her dreams became a reality. At the age of 24, she bought Bank of Flowers in Menomonee Falls located in the Historic Village Center. A year later she opened a second location in Pewaukee, two blocks east of Pewaukee Lake.

Melissa also serves on the Teleflora Board of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan where she helps organized seminars to further other florist’s education. Melissa continues to grow her inspiration and her business every year, doing everything from designing to delivery. “I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, I am truly blessed.”


KRISTA ROSKOPF - Menomonee Falls Manager

Krista began working in the floral industry during high school at age 16. She started out at a floral shop working very closely with two different managers that gave her a lot of perspective. She took part in several design classes only fueling her love for flowers and the whole industry.

After earning her degree at UW Washington County, she took the position as a florist at Bank of Flowers. With all her hard work and dedication, she was promoted to store manager after only a year.

Each and every day Krista feels incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to brighten up the lives of others. Krista loves being able to use her artistic touch and eye for design to bring a little light into the world. “Working with flowers, people, and not to mention the most hard-working, fun, and talented co-workers is one of the most joyful aspects of my life.”


CECI SCHEUBER - Pewaukee Manager

CeCi Scheuber's passion for the floral industry began when she was just 15. CeCi started her first job at Bank of Flowers in 2008. She loved the fun work environment, and quickly grew a love for flowers. CeCi worked with the shop until her sophomore year at Carroll University, where she decided to pursue more of her intended future in music. After graduating, she gained more floral experience in the Milwaukee area, and began to see flowers again in her future.

As she made her way through different fields, she realized – Flowers were it! It's where her heart lie. To discuss her options, she sought the help of her first boss and wonderful mentor, owner of Bank of Flowers, Melissa. After the heart-warming and honest conversation she had with her mentor, Melissa reached out to her for a position at the shop, satisfying a gap that Melissa wanted to fill. CeCi took the position, thrilled to come back into the industry with the very shop that taught her the basics in phenomenal customer service and floral design. CeCi is excited to move forward as manager of the Pewaukee location, and knows that Bank of Flowers is where she will continue to blossom as a florist.